Misread Instructions, Pressing Questions, and A Cat with No Purrpose at All

Without a doubt, at least once in your existence up to this moment, you have been reminded (either gently or quite abrasively) to read the instructions thoroughly before embarking upon the manual assembly of casseroles or castles, taking of academic exams, or operating of motorised vehicles.  Immediately, the ill results of not comprehending the directions, are easily seen to be dissatisfying and possibly unpalatable; one does not desire a casserole fraught with turrets nor an English exam on descriptive adjectives, instead detailing the inner-workings of a Model T's mechanisms.  If you are currently wondering if I have done any of these things, allow me to ease your minds in assuring you that I have not; however, my recent failure to accurately read a set of instructions, resulted in my frantic search through every poem I had ever written, in order to gather eighty.  Upon the painstaking accomplishment of the task, complete with anxiety and immense editing, it came to my attention, that I only needed eight pieces and not eighty.  Moral of the extended explanation: always, always, always thoroughly study the instructions to everything.  Also, promptly notify me if you manage to assemble a mashed potato turret in your next casserole.

Aside from misread instructions, the following three statements, present pressing questions in a world already fraught with various enquiries.

Example 1: What's worse: An old ventriloquist with an oddly disturbing dummy or an old dummy with an oddly disturbing ventriloquist?

Example 2: What's worse: A wax museum with casts of villains or a museum about wax operated by villains wearing casts?

Example 3: What's worse: A question on rhetoric or a rhetorical question?

Although I cannot determine which part of which example I deem to be most worthy of the title "worst," you have an opportunity to cast your vote in the poll below (scroll down towards the bottom of the blog to find it).  I am sure one of the above options truly disturbed your calm soul.

You're a model, Fluffy
Last, but certainly not least in importance, is this curious picture of a feline model.  (This picture was not taken by me, nor do I retain any rights to its likeness.  I give all credit to whomever credit is due.  Thank you for your Internet contribution.)  I found this picture yesterday, in honor of "Caturday" on Twitter.  Its purrfection overruled the fact it serves no purrrpose to the quality or message of this blog post.  This cat has natural beauty, and as such, ought to have its image posted to the reputable Internet page of an acclaimed blogger, whose fame stretches the globe.  Unfortunately, it found me first.

Factum Est

Zuri Sophilia Walker

Side note: I post quite a few pictures of cats, for someone who is more of a "dog person."  Another pressing fact to consider... 


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