Feline Selfies, The Kleenextitution, and New Beginnings

The novice selfie-taker

The candid
I honestly have no words for this one...
My dearest blog readers,

I have missed you all, and I am terribly sorry for the enormous delay between this post and the previous!  A lot has transpired in over a year, that it would take a novel to contain it all.  But, there have been some highlights: I have learned Spanish (which I have enjoyed immensely), gotten four teeth surgically removed (which I did not enjoy in the least), and taken entirely too many pictures of my dog (which I enjoyed, but she did not).  Another thing which I have done quite a bit of over the past year, is take selfies.  Nine-hundred seventy- one pictures later, and my phone has turned into the place where selfies go to die.  That being said, not all of the selfies have been bad.  In fact, I snapped one yesterday that I am currently using as my profile pictures on Twitter and Instagram! And, so that no one would have to try to picture the picture, but not be able to picture what the picture might picture, I've included the link to my Instagram at the bottom of this post!  

But, enough about me, it's time to focus on the spectacular selfies of these fantastic felines! (I do not have the copyright to these pictures, but I would like to give due credit to whom credit is due.  Thank you for supplying the Internet with your awesome pictures!  These cats are perfection!)  

Although somewhat off topic, I wanted to share with you all something I found while going through old notes on my iPad, today.  In 2011, while enduring a cold, I grabbed a box of Kleenex and scrolled the following words on the bottom.  I had long since considered it lost, since I threw the box away, but I was so happy to rediscover it yesterday!

The Preamble to the Kleenextitution: by a somewhat contagious Zuri in 2011—

We the congested, in order to establish a more perfect breathing, initiate unblocked nasal cavities, insure mucus-free-evenings, provide for the common cold victim, promote septum well being, and secure that any under-the-weather citizen may have access to Kleenex brand tissues, do hereby ratify this Kleenextitution for us, the ill, cold-ridden, and generally runny-nosed.

There you have it, my friends, the preamble to the Kleenextitution!  So, the next time you're sick, don't fret!  Grab the nearest box of tissues, a napkin, or other blank material and write your own constitution or pledge or patriotic verse! Snot is no hassle; it's an opportunity to express yourself!  Or, something like that....

New gum, new hat, new day, new word, new wombat, new version of an old song, new movie featuring a talking animal, new idea, new idea that's better than the other new idea, new feline selfie, new garden gnome, new hat for said garden gnome, new three-eyed toad.... What on earth do these various items have in common?  Absolutely nothing, except for being "new"!  They are vastly uncommon, but they all have this one thing in common.  Why do I bring this up, you ask?  Well,  there's something new on the horizon, awesome blog readers!  Something that's so shocking, so random, and so "Zuri" that words simply cannot describe it! In the next few weeks, I'll be dropping hints and giving previews of these mysterious happenings on my Twitter and Instagram, so be sure to keep an eye on both of them!  They'll play important parts in the revealing of the new surprise!  I'm very excited for what is to come, and I can't wait to share it with you lovely people of the Internet! 

Until next time, you cool cats—

Factum Est

Zuri Sophilia Walker

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Snicketgirl1
Instagram: https://instagram.com/thezurisophilia/

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  1. I believe that the third cat selfie was one taken in the middle of a sneeze. It was one of those moments where your cat friend tells you to send a selfie for your contact picture and you accidentally press the "reply all" button, and all of your closest (or not so close) friends have it to share with the world. So.. Never take a selfie in the middle of a sneeze. It will come back to haunt you one day. Be warned. Love, your one and only Chicken Rebel. Peace out, bud! :)

  2. That, my dear friend, is the most brilliant explanation of that picture I have ever heard! I will definitely make note of it in the next post!
    That sneezing selfie is a "cat"astrophe for sure, but it is hilarious! And, your words are ones of great wisdom! Do not take a selfie in the middle of a sneeze or while eating cheese... You NEVER live it down! Thank you for your most considerate warning! Peace out, Chicken Rebel! Stay swaggy!


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