The Mouse and Its Wheel

Example B: I shall call him Charles.  He looks like a Charles.
Example A: Close-up time!
Example C: The mouse and its wheel.
Today, I took a trip to the pet store, as my fantail goldfish needed some rocks and things.  And, of course, I got sidetracked looking at all of the pets along the way.  Thus, I decided to take pictures of some and post them here.  Though, I could have sworn that they all quite enjoyed having their pictures taken, especially the fish.  They were very adamant to make sure I got their good side.  And, then there was a mouse.  I'm really not sure if it cared whether I took its'picture.  But, it was certainly fascinated with that wheel... 

In other news, I am in the process of working on the website, , and hope to have a new poem posted soon!  Also, be sure to answer the poll that's on the bottom of the page!  

Well, I suppose I better go for now.  Time to work on some violin songs.  (It actually doesn't sound like a dying cat.. How awesome is that?!)  

Factum Est

Zuri Sophilia Walker



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