One Cricket Choir

Jiminy Cricket
The chirping menace
Picture yourself in a quiet room.  Now, make it even more silent.  (Done?)  Alright, remove about 80% more sound from the place.  In this perfect silence, you are desperately trying to study a subject which you have no deep love for (We shall call this subject Biology). Nevertheless, you are inserting every fiber of your being into attempting to interest your mind as to the various parts of plants and their dreary functions.  At last!  A spark of fascination has begun to ignite!  Perhaps Biology isn't so bad.. Chirp!  (You look in wonder.   What was that noise?)  Never mind.  It must have just been your imagination.  Chirp! (Wait.  There it is again.  Where is that infernal noise coming from?)  Chirp! Chirp!  Chirp!  Chirp!  And, just like that, any love or fair like you may have had for Biology has just gone screaming into the forest.  

This was the scenario that happened to me earlier this day.  But, what was the cause of all of this chatter?  None other than the... Cricket.  There are many varieties of crickets.   Included, are pictures of crickets:  Jiminy and the actual insect.  And, from my Wikipedia reading, there are a great many facts about this little noisy nuisance.  One of those being, that male crickets are the only ones that chirp.  So, dear Sir, I implore you.  Why was it so necessary to interrupt my Biology?  Wait.  You interrupted Biology... Forget what I said.  Carry on.  

Long live the cricket!

Factum Est 
Zuri Sophilia Walker 


  1. Ah yes, the cricket. The most annoying yet most common of insects. Did you know that these tiny bugs drive me up the wall? Yes, of course you do. I have read your post, very well written! ~love, your dear friend Watson J.

  2. Indeed, they do have that super ability. Thank you very much, Watson! I am glad you enjoyed it!

    Zuri Sophilia Walker


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