Misread Instructions, Pressing Questions, and A Cat with No Purrpose at All

Without a doubt, at least once in your existence up to this moment, you have been reminded (either gently or quite abrasively) to read the instructions thoroughly before embarking upon the manual assembly of casseroles or castles, taking of academic exams, or operating of motorised vehicles.  Immediately, the ill results of not comprehending the directions, are easily seen to be dissatisfying and possibly unpalatable; one does not desire a casserole fraught with turrets nor an English exam on descriptive adjectives, instead detailing the inner-workings of a Model T's mechanisms.  If you are currently wondering if I have done any of these things, allow me to ease your minds in assuring you that I have not; however, my recent failure to accurately read a set of instructions, resulted in my frantic search through every poem I had ever written, in order to gather eighty.  Upon the painstaking accomplishment of the task, complete with anxiety and immense editing, it came to my attentio…

An Open Letter to All

Aside from blogging, I occasionally (and I do mean this in every sense of the word.  I'm horrible at maintaining my social media accounts.) tweet under the username of @Snicketgirl1.  Although I may not visit the site very often, I do sign on throughout the months to check on the current tweets or make a few random ones of my own.  A few days ago, I logged back on as usual; however, this specific occasion was different.  In addition to the usual aspects of Twitter, I found a copycat account of myself, which had stolen one of my pictures and one of my previous bios.  My first reaction was one of irritation and anger: "Who is this? and "What do they think they're doing by copying my account?" were a few of the thoughts running through my head.  As these subsided, I realised the truths this incident had actually provided.  This simple act of imitation opened my heart to a larger matter; and, it is upon this topic, which I will dedicate the remainder of …

Whales, Frequent Postings, and Not-So-Subtle Toilet Paper

¡Hola, mis amigos!  ¿Cómo estás?

Why is there Spanish introducing this post, you ask?  That is an excellent question!  Well, I've been doing quite a bit of Spanish recently, and I can't seem to get it out of my mind.  So, there you go, a few complimentary phrases in Spanish for all your complimentary phrases in Spanish needs.  
Another thing I've done recently, is stay in a hotel.  For some reason, I'm always fascinated with hotels and really like to explore them— what's in this drawer?  What kind of soap do they have?  Where's the pen and pad of paper (that I don't really need but insist on finding the minute I get into the room)? You get the idea... I'm a traveler immensely interested in the commodities provided by the hotel in which I stay.  Most of the time, I don't find any humor in the toiletries. This time, however, I did.  

No doubt, you've  heard the saying before: "There's no place like home!", and this is a ver…

Feline Selfies, The Kleenextitution, and New Beginnings

My dearest blog readers,

I have missed you all, and I am terribly sorry for the enormous delay between this post and the previous!  A lot has transpired in over a year, that it would take a novel to contain it all.  But, there have been some highlights: I have learned Spanish (which I have enjoyed immensely), gotten four teeth surgically removed (which I did not enjoy in the least), and taken entirely too many pictures of my dog (which I enjoyed, but she did not).  Another thing which I have done quite a bit of over the past year, is take selfies.  Nine-hundred seventy- one pictures later, and my phone has turned into the place where selfies go to die.  That being said, not all of the selfies have been bad.  In fact, I snapped one yesterday that I am currently using as my profile pictures on Twitter and Instagram! And, so that no one would have to try to picture the picture, but not be able to picture what the picture might picture, I've included the link to my Instag…

My Splashy Fish Addiction

Hey there, blog reader!

It's been four months since my last post!  WOW.  I have been away for a seriously long time.  Anyway, I'd like to thank everyone who voted on the poll awhile back!  I've loved seeing what posts of mine have been your faves.  :)  Now, down to business.  I have had a bit of free time this week, and I have become utterly, terribly, horribly, incurably addicted to a game called Splashy Fish.  Seriously though, I have no idea how the game does it.  It draws you in, slaps you in the face, and notifies you that you will not be going anywhere for awhile.  Well, being the kind person I am, I oblige.  Then, I end up spending who knows how long incessantly tapping my phone's screen.  Sigh.  But, on the bright side, I've gotten my score up quite a few points!!  WOOOO!  Are any of you lovely blog readers addicted to a game?  Let me know in the comments below.  Also, I've gotten an Instagram! you have one too, b…

"Keeping the Faith"

Someone told me today, that while you're a teenager you're supposed to "make some mistakes".Often, this is summed up as "Live your life" or, by the popular acronym, "YOLO- you only live once".From the first, I have simply discounted these statements as rubbish.I recall saying quite a few years ago, before I was even close to becoming a teenager, I didn't want to be "stupid" like all the others.And, I certainly hope that I have lived up to this pre-determined standard.

This is not to say I don't enjoy some of the pastimes of a typical teenager.

I eat (sometimes quite a lot).I listen to music as soon as I have a free moment.I have crushes on various boy pop groups and singers.I'm totally addicted to my phone (which I typed this article on in the first place.) But, never in my years of being a teenager, have I found it necessary to "Make a few mistakes," "Live in the moment," or "Go with the flow."In …

The Mouse and Its Wheel

Today, I took a trip to the pet store, as my fantail goldfish needed some rocks and things.  And, of course, I got sidetracked looking at all of the pets along the way.  Thus, I decided to take pictures of some and post them here.  Though, I could have sworn that they all quite enjoyed having their pictures taken, especially the fish.  They were very adamant to make sure I got their good side.  And, then there was a mouse.  I'm really not sure if it cared whether I took its'picture.  But, it was certainly fascinated with that wheel... 

In other news, I am in the process of working on the website, , and hope to have a new poem posted soon!  Also, be sure to answer the poll that's on the bottom of the page!  

Well, I suppose I better go for now.  Time to work on some violin songs.  (It actually doesn't sound like a dying cat.. How awesome is that?!)  

Factum Est

Zuri Sophilia Walker

One Cricket Choir

Picture yourself in a quiet room.  Now, make it even more silent.  (Done?)  Alright, remove about 80% more sound from the place.  In this perfect silence, you are desperately trying to study a subject which you have no deep love for (We shall call this subject Biology). Nevertheless, you are inserting every fiber of your being into attempting to interest your mind as to the various parts of plants and their dreary functions.  At last!  A spark of fascination has begun to ignite!  Perhaps Biology isn't so bad.. Chirp!  (You look in wonder.   What was that noise?)  Never mind.  It must have just been your imagination.  Chirp! (Wait.  There it is again.  Where is that infernal noise coming from?)  Chirp! Chirp!  Chirp!  Chirp!  And, just like that, any love or fair like you may have had for Biology has just gone screaming into the forest.  

This was the scenario that happened to me earlier this day.  But, what was the cause of all of this chatter?  None other than the... Cricket.  The…

These books were made for sniffing

What's up, peeps?  It seems like FOREVER since my last post, but the past couple of months have been insanely busy!  Earlier in June and July, I volunteered at the library.  I got to shelf some books and cut out some crafty things.  Pretty fuun!  :) Plus, I got to spend a few months surrounded by books..... So, like the best thing EVER!  Not gonna lie, I sniffed a few.  But, seriously, old books are one of the best smells.  Odd, I know.  If you don't trust me, the next time you find yourself by a stack of old books... stick your nose inside.    I guarantee you will like it (or get a lot of confused looks), or my name isn't Zuri Sophilia Walker.  

Afterwards, we went on vacation to.. (drumroll please) the happiest place on earth!  (Also known as the hottest place on earth.)  By the end of it all, my nose was redder than Rudolph's.  Disney, Y U so hot?  It was really awesome, though!  And, I'm not gonna lie, I was majorly excited when I met Captain Hook!  (He's my…

Touche' Tuesday 13 (Crane moves and Absentees)

Hello, Hello, Hello!  

It's Tuesday, and time for yet another notoriously notorious Touche' Tuesday post!  For those of you who are keeping up with the numbers of these poky posts, you will find that a week has been skipped between Touche' Tuesday 12 and Touche' Tuesday 13.  Since I was absent from class last week and plan to attend this week, we shall merely disregard the previous week and continue forward.  Anyway.... It is drawing near the final few classes of the fencing semester.  And, of all these many classes, the BEST week ever was two class times ago.  Ms. Penguin, Tater Tot, The Ninja, and Lawyer Man were the only fencers who came that night.  So, in lieu of an actual lesson, we all decided to fence each other using the electric equipment.  I will not even attempt to describe the bouts and various things that occurred, as my descriptions cannot do them justice.  But, I can say that there were some bizarre moves and bird noises on the part of Tater Tot.  (He la…